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Immersive Art Installations
Immersive Art Installations
Immersive Art Installations
Immersive Art Installations
Immersive Art Installations

Create the largest immersive art experience creating spectacular and shareable images that would draw visitors back time and time again.

TimeLine helps create immersive spaces using the latest in audio-visual technology and artificial intelligence to create memorable experiences for audiences, making people come back again and again.

TimeLine provides innovation, technology, project management and operational support to the systems integration market. We lead the industry by exceeding customer expectations and delivering creative technological solutions globally, engineered by some of the world’s leading minds.

Create new home for awe-inspiring immersive space

Inside immercive space, art seeps into every inch of space. It’s in front of you, behind you, above and below you. You won’t simply be looking at a picture, you’ll be in the picture, with every brush stroke, every splash of colour, every moment of inspiration.

With million pixels delivered by a million lumens of light, immersive space elevates the traditional art experience to a whole new level, accompanied by a score of breath-taking classical and contemporary music played state-of-the-art surround sound speakers. It’s an immersive experience to excite and inspire visitors of all ages.

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