How? Compared to other integrators, TimeLine gives you:

  • Greater revenue opportunities thanks to our partner-focused business model
  • Tools that make selling simple due to our pre-designed, proven solutions with menu pricing
  • Our patented methodology, which removes complexities and creates a consistent consumer experience
  • Our proven process, The Project Way, which quickly delivers solutions that just work
  • A technology-agnostic focus, which ensures solutions consistency, no matter the platform
  • Our certification process, that ensures each installation works as intended and is signed off as good by the customer before we leave

 The end result? Better solutions, increased revenues and happier customers.

At TimeLine, everything we do follows three core beliefs: simple is better, speed matters and our partner model should benefit our partners. Whether we’re engaged from the start of your project or playing a specific role, you can expect these beliefs to drive our collaboration.

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