Corporate Digital Signage

Engage with your employees, visitors and customers.

For offices, headquarters, reception desks, corporate campuses, office buildings and other corporate spaces.

Use your screens to connect with your employees and boost team spirit. Celebrate success stories and share vital insights, advertise training opportunities and welcome new members through captivating visual media.

Deploying a sound digital signage strategy can help you boost corporate staff, guest, and visitor engagement as well as help you go green by reducing paper signage costs. TimeLine digital signage solution for enterprises offers the professional line of software, players, and services that match the quality and security requirements of both medium and large enterprises.

Why use digital signage for corporate communications?

  • Firstly, office digital signage for employee communications guarantees you get important messages across. Emails and corporate intranet alerts often go unread, and teams miss out on vital information. Signage screens, on the other hand, use images and videos that instantly grab people’s attention and ensure everyone stays engaged, included and in the loop.
  • Also, you can quickly and easily display everything from images, videos and live-streams, to PDF files, meeting room calendars and data dashboards. Most importantly, all content gets sent to your digital signage TVs remotely, which streamlines the process.
  • Digital signage in offices helps boost employee productivity and collaboration, and also strengthens corporate culture and morale. Simply set up TVs in high-traffic areas, such as in reception, meeting rooms and break rooms so as to engage all team members.
Digital signage for corporate communications

Ways you can use digital signage for corporate communications

Share important information

Announce teambuilding events and training opportunities and also keep employees informed of company news and updates.

Display data dashboards

Boost your corporate strategy by communicating key metrics teams need to succeed. Foster greater collaboration between departments through digital display boards.

Enhance teambuilding

Welcome new employees and celebrate team triumphs and milestones with a fancy digital signage board. Advertise activities, such as yoga, seminars and language classes.

Manage meeting rooms

Display bookings outside each meeting room to streamline management and avoid conflicts. Also, show your online calendars in seconds.

Show emergency alerts

Get your employees to safety in emergency situations. Also, link your digital signage TVs to CAP services or use our in-platform feature.

Display useful info

Help employees organize their day by communicating info such as weather, traffic and news updates. Get feeds from popular services.

Available Tools

Digital Signage in Lobby

Getting the right message across to your visitors

Reception screens are a great way to welcome your visitors and project a professional image of your business towards them.

Displays screens are becoming more popular in businesses as a method of engaging with visitors in many different corporate establishments. From office receptions through to hotel lobbies, museums or convention centres, these screens are a modern communication tool that offer a wide range of functionalities.

  • Informative – show the information that is relevant to your visitors
  • Engaging – keep your visitor entertained reducing perceived waiting times
  • Focused – one focal point for all your information as a digital poster
  • Convenient – quick and simple to update keeping your content fresh

Eye-catching reception screens are a fantastic way of making a first impression to new customers, prospects or suppliers as the reception area is often a visitor’s first interaction with your brand, after your company website.

Lobby Video Wall

Redefine your customer experience

How often have you walked into an office lobby only to be greeted by bland art, in-your-face corporate logos, or a stack of last year’s magazines? Doesn’t really inspire confidence that what awaits you beyond the lobby will be any more exciting, does it?

More and more, video walls are engaging visitors with adaptable, dynamic content. Think of a digital waterfall so realistic that some complain about water waste but then are stunned when they realize they’ve been had.

With optimized content, LED or LCD video walls from TimeLine interior product lines impress visitors and inspire employees. Coupled with high-end content, they create eye-catching centerpieces that delight and amaze.

Video walls allow businesses a medium to do more than just greet guests. Rather, digital display technology provides a way to offer them a digital experience they are sure to remember.

High-end video walls are not just ideal for public-facing lobby spaces or areas used for meetings and presentations. If you have a team of experts who regularly and collaboratively view and analyze important data, news, or other video, you’ll appreciate the benefits of presenting that information on a large-format, high-definition digital display that reaches everyone in the room. Visit our Command & Control Center page to learn more.

Social Media in Digital Signage

Turn your followers into customers

Being able to sync your digital signage network with your main social media profiles can bring strong impact to your local customers, employees and guests. It can also ensure a much-needed efficiency boost to your operations. The TimeLine digital signage solution enables easy access various social media platforms so that your campaigns are automatically synchronized to your display network.


  • Sync your social media feeds and hashtag campaigns to your device.
  • Displayed in modern templates such as Carousels, Sliders, Walls, or Collage templates.
  • Officially integrates with all major social media platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch.


  • Save time & money for content production.
  • Boost engagement on live events.
  • Increase followers & potential customers.
Digital Signage Dashboards

Real-time digital dashboards made easy.

Looking for a quick and easy way to view and share your company’s performance in real time with the rest of your team? A digital dashboard is the ideal tool for the purpose. But before we go into how to make a digital dashboard quickly and easily, let’s see why visualizing data at the workplace is more than just a good idea.

Data visualization and Digital Signage go hand in hand.

The main goal of visualizing data is to present raw figures in a format that is easy to understand, insightful, and draws attention to the right information. Digital signage, in turn, helps engage and empower your teams by distributing the visual data on digital displays throughout your workplace. Your team is always kept up to date in real time.

To create impactful digital dashboards and share your business data easily and effectively, you need a digital signage solution that:

  • Connects directly to the source of your data such as your everyday Excel spreadsheets
  • Is data-driven, or in other words, information displayed on the screen is updated in real time
  • Can distribute content across multiple locations – throughout your office or at remote sites
  • Is secure – to ensure that your business data is only shared with the right audience at any given time.
Digital Directory

Enhance your visitor’s experience with modern digital lobby signage and digital directories

Help customers and visitors navigate your space with ease with interactive wayfinding displays and digital directories. Make it easier for everyone to get where they need to without asking front desk staff for directions.

Digital directories are the perfect tool to help your audience get to their final destination. They help guests access important information and directions, and help your organization project a modern and professional image to everyone who visits. If you’re looking to improve the experience of everyone who comes through your building, a digital building directory software is the turnkey solution.

TimeLine provides state-of-the-art digital directory boards, digital physician directories, and a wide variety of other electronic directories for office buildings and businesses. Our easy-to-use digital directory software allows your property managers to effortlessly manage tenant listings, meeting schedules, daily events, announcements, and more. Experience convenience and flexibility with our state-of-the-art digital signage technology and commercial-grade screens.

Live Streaming for Digital Signage

In the classic sense, streaming content describes the live transmission of media. Digital signage allows live streaming as well as displaying pre-recorded or -produced content, whereby the latter ensures more content diversity. Still, there is progress in live streaming and that creates advantages regarding content production. Live renditions don’t require pre-produced content through which businesses save resources.

emergency notification

Integrate existing audio alarms with visual emergency notifications on screens

Keep staff, visitors and customers safe in case of emergency by displaying instructions and procedures on what to do.

Quickly post content that can instantly be displayed on all your corporate digital signage displays, regardless of location. You can even integrate your emergency alert systems to ensure everyone within your organization knows when an emergency arises.

Digital signage offers unparalleled advantages in delivering timely security and emergency information. From sharing real-time emergency notifications to access control to emergency preparedness, digital signage can effectively communicate critical information broadly and to a targeted audience. Combine existing audio alarms with visual emergency notifications on devices like digital screens, video walls, and mobile phones to improve your disaster preparedness and safety plans.

Mass Notification systems are used to inform students, employees, visitors and the public of emergencies. Parties served by mass notification systems include emergency services departments, local, state and national governments and building managers. Mass Notification systems can contribute to safety and security by providing real-time alerts and instructions during a crisis situation.

Share the date in your offices or workforce areas and custom brand how the display looks and feels using your own brand theme.

A simple and clean clock that displays current time, date and day of the week. You can choose from dark and light themes and multiple clock styles.

Need to know what time it is in a different timezone? World Clock lets you display the live time of up to six different cities, across timezones. Select your cities, choose how your display looks and you can keep on top of different times around the world easily from your digital screens.

Weather Forecast for Digital Signage

Engage your audience in the up-to-date weather with the Weather widget for digital signage. Keep them informed and captivated by displaying real-time weather updates that add depth and relevance to your content.

Elevate your digital signage content by displaying up-to-the-minute weather updates. The Weather widget will provide accurate and localized information that will keep your audience informed about current conditions, helping them plan their day effectively.

Incorporating dynamic weather visuals will enhance the visual appeal of your digital signage displays. Whether it’s sunny, rainy, or snowy, the widget will offer captivating weather animations that will bring life to your digital screens and capture viewers’ attention.

The Weather widget will add an extra layer of relevance to your messaging. Whether you’re promoting products, events, or safety tips, the widget will enable you to tailor the content based on the weather conditions, fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

Room scheduling

Take control of your shared spaces. Our digital meeting room signs let you manage spaces more effectively to increase efficiencies.

Help your employees and visitors find their meeting or book a room on the spot. Digital room signs eliminate confusion by showing room schedules outside each door, and all calendar data is fed by your existing scheduling app – no additional work required.

Stay In The Loop With Digital Bulletin Boards

It’s time the humble office announcement board went digital. Give your important internal communications the impact they deserve with digital signage.

The employees overwhelmingly prefer dynamic content readily available on their digital screens. Bulletin boards enable you to communicate alerts, emergency messages, announcements, and many other parts of your internal communication strategy effectively in the workplace. The digital bulletin boards are one of the most effective workplace communication tools to provide vital information to employees and get their attention. The creative, colorful and moving alerts and information have much better possibilities of being absorbed by the target audience – be it employees or clients. 

Bulletin boards have evolved over the years. Physical push-pin mounted boards cluttered with sticky notes, poster, or flyers are giving way to digital bulletin boards.

Events Schedule for Digital Signage

Increase attendance to company events and gatherings in the most effective way while making it easy for staff to stay connected.

You likely host dozens of meetings, conferences, and other events every week, despite the many deadlines you have to meet. This can result in a hectic working environment. Therefore, integrating calendars and schedules into your layouts will help your staff stay updated on important dates and events. Help prioritize projects or encourage people to work ahead on deadlines. The result is an improvement in planning and performance across the board.

Nowadays, there is a hidden battle taking place in every busy workspace – a battle for meeting space.

People forget to look at the calendar. It’s easy to assume an empty room as free while it’s actually booked. Interruptions and delays are commonplace. Anything that helps you organize and streamline your staff and clients’ daily activities could easily save you a ton of money.

Digital signage is a powerful tool for displaying calendar activities right when this information is needed. No questions asked.

From boardroom sessions and lectures to appointments at the doctor’s to concert showtimes.

A digital signage display that keeps track of your events and drives attendance to your establishment is, over time, worth its weight in gold. Regardless of the size and type of your organization.

Empower your employees and streamline your day-to-day dynamics by:

  • Displaying meeting room availability
  • Keeping track of project deadlines
  • Reminding staff about birthdays
  • Promoting internal and community events.

Digital signage solutions are a powerful tool to improve internal communications and engage employees

Recognize workplace achievements, employee birthdays and work anniversaries to encourage and motivate staff while keeping morale high in the workplace.

You can use just about any medium for employee recognition, including gift certificates, birthday cards, and awkward call-outs during meetings. But the real secret sauce of meaningful recognition is digital signage that everyone can see.

One of the easiest ways to boost morale around the office and improve productivity is to recognize the achievements using employee communications digital signage. Whether it’s a work anniversary, birthday, or highlighting a specific achievement, propping up your staff demonstrates appreciation for all their hard work. As a result, other employees are also encouraged to work hard. Additionally, it shows that a company is paying attention to the efforts and needs of its staff, allowing employees to feel connected to their organization.

Use digital signage for internal communications and make sure your entire workforce is current all company policies. Printed announcements directed at your workforce often go unnoticed and are easily out-of-date. Keep your workforce engaged and up to date on your latest updates.

You might want to incorporate RSS feeds into your digital signs to deliver informative and enriching content to your audience.

The RSS widgets can be used to display content syndicated through RSS (Rich Site Summary; often called Really Simple Syndication) feeds provided by different publishers.

RSS feeds are commonly used to share frequently updated information: news headlines, blog entries, audio, video etc.) and can be easily found on the Internet – for instance, several RSS feeds provided by CNN can be found on

Integrating RSS feeds can reap plenty of advantages that will help you maximize your digital signage. Among them include:

  • Attracts viewers and keeps them hooked
  • Engages audiences
  • Makes a good first impression
  • Offers valuable information in real-time
  • Delivers content from trustworthy and reliable websites

Announcements are a powerful tool that puts you in control of your priority content messaging. Now you can keep customers and staff well-briefed and up to speed on real-time communications.

Post content related to companywide milestones or recognize employees going above and beyond in their duties. This will encourage workers to do their best and hopefully improve your organization’s culture.

Posting staff vacation stories, employee cookouts, and other team-building activities go a long way toward building a positive workplace culture. In addition, user reviews or positive feedback posted on company timelines can uplift your staff by showing the impact of their work. Finally, integrating social media expands your digital footprint and makes your team feel more connected.

Safety and Treinings

Corporate communication screens are a great way to quickly post safety guidelines and reminders. Employees can also use these to hold each other accountable, creating a workplace that values safety and cooperation. In addition, displaying safety information demonstrates genuine concern and interest in the well-being of your staff, which strengthens their attachment to your company and motivates them to continue working efficiently.


Sometimes, people need a reminder of what they are working for. Including designs reiterating your core values motivates staff to live up to the standards set by the company. Doing so can give employees a sense of focus and clarity, as they can refer to these values if they need guidance. In addition, these tactics can improve unity amongst your company as it contributes to a shared sense of working together. Similar results can be achieved by presenting customer reviews or client feedback on your displays. Positive studies show your employees that their work matters and encourage continued excellence.

Everyone loves to track a countdown. Whether it’s showing “days since the last accident” or the countdown to a big event, we offer a counter widget can draw attention to a particular milestone or event.

Easily create a live countdown timer up on your screens, set what message you want to show during the countdown and the message that will only appear after the countdown timer is up. Choose style, brand theme and your success message which will only show when the countdown timer is up.

Vodafone campus, Düsseldorf

Vodafone Campus – Germany

Vodafone chose SpinetiX solutions to install digital signage throughout their campus in Dusseldorf, Germany. With a total of twenty SpinetiX HMP players installed on-site, the project features portrait screens and video walls, including displays in the conference zone and canteen. In addition, SpinetiX technology powers the large outdoor LED display placed on the facade of the Vodafone skyscraper.

Vodafone required that on-screen content is easy to update by any employee, anywhere and from any device. Another requirement was for screens to be connected securely and directly to existing corporate systems. The project was realized by partner Amptown System Company based in Hamburg.

Digital Signage technology throughout the campus

The conference-zone screens, four in total, display an overview of room bookings. Displayed content can be changed via third-party apps and can be adapted for multiple audiences.

The ten displays with HMP players installed throughout the canteen are designed to show automated up-to-date information based on customized Elementi software templates. For example, the displays use instant data updates without human intervention (via M2M – machine-to-machine communication) to automatically show the lunch menu during the lunch break.

Digital Signage for Vadafone office

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