Kinetic Systems
Audiovisual content production for stage

High-quality and tailor-made experiences

TimeLine is a design company that creates innovative special experiences by integrating content and digital media technologies. TimeLine Pro AV is part of the TimeLine group of specialist businesses that develop and deliver leading AV products and technologies.

Over 20 years experience working for high caliber global clients in the museum & heritage, exhibition, and sports & entertainment industries has built up a wealth of exceptional expertise working at the intersection between storytelling art and engineering science. We aren’t just an equipment seller or a consultant. We are a global company with staff from six continents.

We aim to provide total support throughout the lifetime of every project ensuring that our client’s needs are met on a daily basis. We started off in the pre-digital age as theatre and concert designers working with light and sound to create experiences. Now we use the latest AV technology to bring our vision to different life spaces, to create experiences that provoke human emotion and create long lasting memories.