The Challenge

Today’s schools have needs for some form of signage that can capture attention better than hand outs and paper posters. Addressing this challenge, schools are utilizing digital displays to improve the quality of communication between the school, students, and faculty. Paper handouts and static signs — people just pass straight through them and they don’t read them. Everyone is drawn to screens.

This leads them to explore digital signage in the elementary schools using mounted TVs, PowerPoint, and USB sticks. This process is usually cumbersome and time-consuming, with a lot to go wrong. It also requires a lot of time: someone must walk around every screen on campus, and someone had to create the images that would be used from scratch using a desktop publishing program. The benefits is clear, but there had to be a smarter way.

The Solution

As the screens network expands, they are searching for an affordable, solution that would save the school time and help them achieve their communication goals. When looking for a solution, schools choose Digital Signage solutions because of the ability to centrally manage the content displayed on the screens. Displays are usually set up in the lobby of the school, with announcements and important updates, in the office displays show upcoming events, displays in the guidance office, displays show job fairs, college visits and registration instructions to keep track of current job openings, displays in the hallways share messages about student accomplishments and broadcast live announcements.

Outside the gym, screens are set up because when people come to play sports, the team lineups are right there; they can see team praise and advertisements for future games. Schools use its digital displays to provide information based on time of day and location. At the start of the day, the player network shows breakfast menus for the free breakfast. After that, they switch to showing the Instagram and Twitter feeds of director, followed by messages recognizing students.The elementary school uses displays mostly for announcements, but the Parent Club can also use the displays to advertise different events to advertise different events.

Across the district, the admin assistants, guidance counselors, athletic director, IT, principals, the parent club, and more are all heavily involved in keeping the school up to date via Digital Signage. They keep content targeted to the age group, location, and time, and they use Digital Signage’s templates and integrations to help reduce the burden of keeping content fresh. The strategy of getting everyone involves in school communication has saves IT time and ensures that digital signage is an effective communication channel for the school.

Digital Signage for Education

Increased Awareness of Events and Important Updates

With Digital Signage, schools are now able to draw attention to important announcements and target their messages to students, parents, and community members. Many students now find events, clubs, and activities they didn’t know they were interested in, and would never have been aware of without the school- wide network of centrally-controlled screens.

During the pandemic, digital signage was invaluable. Last year the high school and middle school went to a hybrid model. There were students that were all remote, some hybrid, and some always in school so it became a very complex schedule and the signage helped keep everyone informed on what was going on. The digital signage also helped keep students connected during this time. The hybrid students who came in every other day were able to see on the displays what was going on the day prior which helped them stay connected to the school and other students.
Student Recognition and a Positive School Culture

One of school most ambitious and effective initiatives is Wall of Praise, based on the experience that there’s a ‘lost middle’ in schools. High-achieving students are accustomed to positive attention. And low-achieving students who are often in trouble get additional attention too. The majority of students are at risk of ‘disappearing’ in school, rendered invisible by the fact that they fit in — yet these students are the majority, and often those most responsive to the effects of a little positive feedback. Wall of Praise delivers that.

If any student or teacher sees a student perform a positive action, however small, they can write it up and take it to the principal. The principal signs off on it and it’s entered into a prize draw. The winner gets a prize, usually a gift certificate, and their photo is taken against the Wall of Praise.

That photo and the record of their positive action are then displayed on digital signage around the school. The reward is not really the point: it’s the recognition that’s valuable, letting everyone in the school know that the student is leading by example. To see their face on the displays is a great feeling for them and their friends and family as well.

Digital Signage in the Classrooms

Many school classrooms are usually equipped with interactive displays or projectors from various manufacturers. The Digital Signage content management system also allows you to turn them into an additional source of information for students to be shown between lessons.

Digital signage for schools doesn’t have to be difficult. Communicate better, fast with the best digital signage for education!

Want to modernize your school’s communication?

TimeLine can help!

Showcase School Branding

Personalize your templates with your school colors and logo. Upload and set your assets once, then every template you add will be branded for you automatically.

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Improve School Safety With Emergency Alerts

Use our digital signage solutions to create a safe and secure environment for your staff and students. Our solutions use Common Alert Protocol (CAP) to connect to your CAP alert provider and immediately share pertinent information on your digital signage screens easily in the event of an emergency.

Keep Your Displays Interesting for Users

Save time updating your displays with the eye-catching templates and smart widgets. Templates and widgets take minutes and just a few clicks to create content and personalize it, and integrations to Google, Microsoft Office, social media, and more make keeping your displays fresh a breeze.

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Any display solutions

Timeline digital signage solutions are device agnostic. Our solutions support any displays or projectors so if your technology plans change we’ll be there with you. Don’t get stuck with expensive proprietary hardware you can no longer use. Save money with our easy to use school digital signage.

Share Content Everywhere

Keep your community connected anywhere they are. Share your message to digital signage, faculty teachers’ devices, student and employee computers, and more.

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Easy-to-use Digital Signage for Schools

Our solutions can be used in your local network or in the cloud, we strive for 99% uptime, and we undergo an annual security audit to keep your network safe. We stress over the reliability of our solutions and understand how important it is for schools.

Amazing Support When You Need It

Our world-class support team will get back to you in minutes not hours. Personalized help videos, phone support, remote desktop support, email support, and stellar communication, we’re here to help you every way we can.

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Tools To Help You Manage Your District

Your accounts can be organized by a hierarchy. With the district account at the top and individual school accounts below, district staff can quickly access any school while school staff can only access their account. Within accounts, each user can have up to four distinct user roles to give you granular access control.

Schools Digital Signage Use Cases

One Screen, a Multitude of Information. Digital Bulletin Boards

Grab the attention of visitors, staff, and students with digital signage. Market your educational institution and attract prospective students. Promote upcoming events and sports games, show exam dates, class schedules and event schedules, broadcast live news feeds, or welcome visitors and new students with beautiful images of your campus. Replace printed signs, flyers and static bulletin boards with a digital signage content solution that is current and effective.

Educational Content on an Digital Screen

We have a large selection of templates curated with age-appropriate educational content by our creative team. Everything from STEM and nutrition facts to famous scientists and space trivia, our educational templates will keep students engaged and learning. You can also display lunch menus, welcome messages, exam schedules and build school repuation by broadcasting relevant information.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards let you promote daily specials, healthy eating, and display nutritional information on easy to read menu boards in your cafeteria. At the same time, digital school signs reduce wait times and the amount of effort your cafeteria staff spends updating menu prices and offerings.

Financial Education & Literacy

Our age-appropriate financial literacy templates take learning out of the textbook and put it onto the big screen. These templates will improve financial education at your school and create an engaging experience for your students.

Digital Directories for Schools & Education

How often are you asked for directions to a room? In K-12 schools it can happen daily! The perfect solution to this problem? A big digital directory to point everyone in the right direction. A digital directory will help students, parents, and new staff navigate your school and make sure students get to class on time.

Seasonal Events

Do you ever feel like every time there’s a holiday, you have more things to do? Digital signage will never be on your list. Our electronic signs for schools have templates that cover every holiday and seasonal event: from Mother’s Day to Christmas, and everything in between! It’s really easy to promote events using our digital signage solutions.

Share All your Students’ Work and Achievements

Show the work done by all your students. Image Slideshow feature will create an eye-catching slideshow from your best images. Video Playback feature lets you play any popular video format, and this will let you share more about your students than a physical sign can.

Celebrate the Efforts of Your Alumni and Donors

Present the success stories from your school with Digital Signage. Show the triumphs of your alumni and the support from your donors with lively digital signage. Honor your donors with a vivid donor list. You can easily update everything with our Digital Signage solutions, so you can skip the printing costs.