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Digital Signage for the Transportation Industry
TimeLine FIDS - Flight Information Display System
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We empower businesses to bring their story to life

We help companies to influence people through audiovisual communication tools

The TimeLine inspires companies to unlock their potential and possibilities. We believe in the power of Digital Signage as a dynamic new platform for visual communication and human interaction. With over 15 years of experience, we are constantly introducing cutting-edge technologies and solutions that help our clients stand out.

What is Digital Signage

Curved OLED displays


LCD | LED | Touch

Digital Signage Interactive Kiosk

Playback and control

Software | Controllers | Players

Content Lab

Design | Programming

We Are Here to Help

We provide our valued partners with a wide range of award-winning digital content support and services.

Digital Signage doesn’t have to blow your budget. Our solutions look great, work flawlessly, and are fully set up by our team – all without sticker shock. Our approach is simple. We do the hard work and get everything running right, and then you or your client handle the day-to-day updates.

Reach and engage every audience, drive operational efficiency, and showcase your brand and products with modern, dynamic visual displays. Achieve all of that and more with robust digital signage from TimeLine.

We Speak Digital Signage

We are your source for:

  • SpinetiX, BrightSign, LG SuperSign or Samsung MagicInfo interactive programming, player set up, presentation setup and creation
  • Content for any screen creation
  • Content set up and training
  • Customization
  • Video production
  • Technical support

Take advantage of our solutions!

Biggest Video Wall powered by SpinetiX

Video Walls

Impressive huge screens that command attention and attract the eyes of the audience

Digital Signage for Manufacturing Communications

Corporate communications

Efficient internal communications can make a positive impact on employee retention and performance as well as on corporate culture

Interactive Shopping Mall Kiosk

Targeted information

Give people the opportunity to get important, needed and relevant information, advertising and entertainment

Digital Screen for Store

In-store Digital Advertising

Solutions which focus on automation, efficiency, store modernization and personalizing the customer experience

Storefront Window Digital Displays

Storefront Window Digital Displays

It is an ideal solution for large-scale displays in brightly lit environments such as outdoor enclosures and storefronts

LED scoreboards and ribbon displays for stadiums

Sports & Stadium Screens

Whether capturing the attention of traffic and pedestrians or energising a stadium full of enthusiastic fans, we are here to ensure maximum impact for your biggest moments

How it works?

Enterprise Grade Digital Signage

What does enterprise-wide communications look like for your business? The TimeLine is here to help your business scale communications. Discover how your entire organization can benefit from our digital signage solutions.

Reach Everyone

Digital signage lets you connect with people from the frontline to the back office. With our digital signage solutions, you can keep employees and clients informed and engaged through dynamic digital content.

Improve Your Customer Experience and Engagement

Leading brands use our powerful digital signage solutions to create unique experiences for their customers, growing loyalty and revenue.

Get in touch

Give our Digital Signage services a try with just a single client or project to start. Get in touch today to learn how TimeLines’s comprehensive Professional AV solutions help leaders modernize their properties and wow more customers.

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