Entice Consumers & Manage Content Complexity

Digital menu boards have revolutionized the way many cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets around the world increase sales with the time of day.

Using professional menu boards, cafe or restaurant managers are able to inform the customer about one-day special prices, certain combinations of combo meals, promotions, etc. All displays are controlled either from the manager’s office or the company’s central office.

Digital Menu Boards
Digital Menu Board

The recognized benefit of digital menu boards is the ability to focus the visitor’s attention on a new product or current price offer that is valid for a certain period of time. In addition, the system allows the use of ready-made, regularly updated promotional videos from product suppliers to present dishes in a tempting and most attractive way. Content reflects menu changes on a weekly, daily and even hourly basis. Any message can be focused on the customer at the right time in the right place.

We offer you a turnkey solution for successfully implementing digital menu boards in your business, with minimal costs and great opportunities. Your investment in a menu board management system will return with multiple gains in no time.

Professional approach

Using digital menu boards, cafe or restaurant managers can easily and quickly change the displayed information, inform visitors about one-day special offers and prices, certain combinations of combined meals, promotions, etc.

Digital Menu Boards
Digital Menu boards

Durability and reliability

Unlike household TVs, professional displays have a strict appearance, an effective cooling system, protection from moisture and dust, can work around the clock, their screens do not glare, have higher brightness and contrast, are equipped with a media player, can be controlled via a wired or wireless network and are provided with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer. After turning on the display, the menu that was displayed before it was turned off will immediately appear on the screen. The ability to disable and lock the controls with a password will protect the display from unauthorized intervention and accidental pressing.

Turns passers-by into customers

Resistant to low temperatures, rain and snow, the brightly colored screens of all-weather outdoor displays, visible even with sunglasses, attract the attention of passers-by, allow them to choose dishes and order right on the street, and allow casual passers-by to familiarize themselves with the menu without entering the premises. People will appreciate the care and attention.

Outdoor Digital Menu Boards
Window facing digital menu boards

Attractive window facing displays

Making an impact inside and out. A relatively new, clever solution for these showcases is an ultra-thin, double-sided LCD screen. With a brightness of 3000 nits, the outdoor-facing screen is bright enough to win the battle with ambient or direct sunlight, ensuring that messages are visible to passersby on even the brightest of days. The backside, facing inside the establishment, doesn’t need this level of brightness. At 1000 nits of brightness, the screen will overcome any possible glare from the restaurant’s lighting.

Menu board design

TimeLine will present your cafes and restaurants with a creative side. Our creative designers specialize in creating relevant and original media content for your menu boards, while staying within your budget.

Bright and dynamic menu boards created by TimeLine designers will look appetizing, attract visitors and make the ordering process convenient and fast.

First, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan of all content to get an idea of your purpose, menu, demographics, and ordering patterns of your visitors, the location of your facilities, and the frequency of information updates. We’ll also take into account your other marketing programs for the most coordinated action.

In the end, you will receive bright and attractive graphic templates that you can easily edit and change the information displayed.

If you want to strengthen your network’s brand, increase visitor awareness of your offerings, and improve the overall appeal to your customers, you can rely on our team to create media content to get the results you need.

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Restaurants rely on menu boards to entice consumers, cross-sell and up-sell for greater profitability. However, owners and managers are challenged with the complexity of updating menu boards quickly and efficiently, across multiple locations, while meeting regulatory standards like the calorie mandate.

TimeLine helps clients manage that complexity by leveraging our deep digital signage experience, innovative new technology solutions and managed services. Clients are better positioned for digital menu success working with our team to:

  • Develop a clear content strategy
  • Select the right software and hardware for the client’s unique business needs
  • Manage large-scale implementations
  • Define post-implementation support based on the client’s needs, brand guidelines and geographic footprint

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