Digital Signage & Hospitality

Make your guests feel special

For hotels, restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, tourist offices, camping parks, golf clubs, SPA and beauty farms, resorts and other hospitality establishments.

Accommodation facilities, restaurants and other tourist-oriented businesses welcome their guests and provide key services for leisure or business travel. Thanks to the Digital Signage easy-to-use and collaborative solution, you have the power to give your guests real-time information relevant to their stay. Make your guests feel that much more special!

Whether you want to entertain, direct, promote amenities, delight, or anything else, the Digital Signage gets your messages to the right people at just the right moment in time.

Drive Revenue

Delight guests with real-time, accurate information about your property, so they are more familiar, more satisfied, and spend more money during their stay.

Leverage Multiple Channels

Engage historically hard-to-reach employees—no matter where they are—via digital signage, email, mobile, and other key channels.

Engage Guests Throughout Your Property

From the largest video walls all the way through menuboards, table-game signage, and everything in between, you can power every screen across your property.

A World of Comms Possibilities

Use the Digital Signage to reach your customers and your employees—ensuring each of your most important audiences has information that’s tailored to their needs.

Create an Immersive Guest Experience

Engage customers and employees everywhere. Transform your lobbies, meeting spaces, lounges, and more with dynamic and interactive digital signage.

  • Communicate with your guests and your team
  • Add revenue streams to events and conferences
  • Improve wayfinding with branded touchpoints
Digital Signage & Hospitality
Digital Signage for Hospitality - Restaurants & Hotels | SpinetiX Digital Signage for Hospitality - Restaurants & Hotels | SpinetiX SpinetiX Digital Signage for Hospitality

Capture Attention with High-Impact Visuals

Large-scale screens, multi-screen displays, and dynamic graphics create great first impressions and a lasting brand impression.

  • Display live media walls and interactive content
  • High-quality video playback for 4k and other formats
  • Vertical and horizontal orientations

Get Started with Digital Signage for Hotels

Provide added value for your hosted events with a powerful meeting room application that can be personalized for your onsite groups.

EventsDigital Signage

Use readerboards throughout your property to tell guests about the opportunities available to them. Showcase upcoming events, amenity promotions, local news, and more.

Hospitality Digital Signage

Easily showcase menu items at any of your property’s cafés, grab-and-go food marts, or other F&B outlets. Update menu items, descriptions, prices, and pictures from anywhere—in seconds.

Digital Menu Boards

If a group is booking out your hotel, make them feel like VIPs by allowing them to personalize your digital signage with their branding. You can quickly customize every meeting room sign and readerboard on your property.

Digital Signage in the Meeting Room

Give guests intuitive access to the types of information that can impact their experience at your property. Guests will be able to easily navigate the property to identify onsite amenities, local attractions, and more

Virtual Concierge

Use a guest room TV application to deliver curated content on your in-room TVs and give guests a chance to learn about your property as they relax in their rooms.

Guest Room TV Digital Signage

When in an unfamiliar setting, people want intuitive access to directions. Wayfinding signage and directories help anyone navigate your space.

Digital Wayfinding

Our solution provides ready to use templates that guide on-site marketing managers, event planners, and other hotel staff through the process of creating branded, impactful experiences on digital signage that are designed to impact the guest experience in multiple ways.

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