SpinetiX Widgets for Digital Display

More than 250 reasons to let your data be seen.

The future of digital signage is all about data-driven high-impact content delivered in an automated way to any combination of screens. We believe that creating such content should be a one-stop process. Our widgets are your fast track to bringing data from your everyday tools beautifully to the right audience at the right time.

With 250+ subscription-free Widgets, integrated in our software, your data goes where your audiences go. Widgets are digital signage components designed to display live data that auto-updates. They are easily customizable, simple, and beautifully powerful when delivering information from the data source of your choice.

All the widgets you need

From displaying event timetables sourced via Excel or Google Sheets, to fully engaging your customers with live financial, Twitter, and Instagram feeds – it’s your call. All the widgets are included in our award-winning Elementi software at no additional cost and work together with HMPs – the most reliable and secure digital signage players on the market. Bringing added value through digital signage has never been more integrated and accessible.

The following collections of widgets are included in Elementi:

Chart Widgets in Spinetix Elementi
Spreadsheet Widgets in Spinetix Elementi
Interactivity Widgets in Spinetix Elementi
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