SpinetiX HMP Digital Signage Players for Airports
SpinetiX iXB Digital Signage Players for Office
SpinetiX iBX440 | 16K Digital Signage Player for Video Walls (4x4K at 60 fps)

Purpose-Built is Powerful

SpinetiX are the most versatile Digital Signage Players

This players are made for digital signage – robust and reliable – they deliver content flawlessly 24/7 supporting any signage application

Excellence. Every Day

SpinetiX iBX410 | Digital Signage Player

iBX410 is the versatile digital signage player powered by the latest technology, made to effortlessly meet all your signage needs.
Day after day.

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HMP400 & HMP400W
The Mission-Critical Player

SpinetiX HMP400 | Digital Signage Player

HMP400 and HMP400W redefine the meaning of mission-critical continuous operation and are designed for the most demanding installations.

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Video Walls Made Easy

SpinetiX iBX440 | 16K Digital Signage Player for Video Walls (4x4K at 60 fps)

SpinetiX iBX440 is the digital signage player that makes video walls accessible to everyone

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Engineered for Excellence
What sets a SpinetiX player apart?

Robust Hardware

Featuring design dedicated to signage applications, our players are made to deliver content flawlessly 24/7 supporting any signage scenario.

Purpose-Built OS

Powered by DSOS™ – the SpinetiX purpose-built signage OS, our players offer optimal, continuous performance and enhanced security while minimizing resource use.

Powerful Content Tools

Quickly display impactful content with SpinetiX ARYA™ CMS, included with all players. Scale up with our advanced content authoring tool Elementi.

Partner Players
Expanding Possibilities Together

Together with third-party player manufacturers, we make decades of SpinetiX know-how accessible to all, leveraging Intel-based architectures like Intel® SDM and Intel® NUC to offer complete, ready-to-use digital signage solutions.

NUC by
Simply NUC

SimplyNuk Everglade 2
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Intel® SDM by

SharpNec SDM
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SpinetiX ARYA is a cloud-based solution natively integrated with HMP400 to provide you with a secure professional-grade signage from the moment you unbox the player. Set spectacularly visual messages on display in minutes with your pictures and 4K videos at 60 frames per second.

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With Elementi your screens can do more

Deliver visually rich experiences to any combination of screens across all your networks. With Elementi, you can create high impact projects including video walls, interactive kiosks and live streaming video. You are always a click away from previewing your digital signage project in full screen and from publishing it on display.

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