The Next Level of Museum Experiences

Traditional museums can modernise by using AV technology to bring history to life to deliver highly engaging and satisfying visitor experiences. Ancient worlds can be vividly reimagined and masterpieces seen as never before using projection to create immersive experiences. These new opportunities to explore history, the arts and culture are transforming the museum experience for a new digital generation that has grown up with technology and expects its effective use in all aspects of their lives.

Turn your Museum into a venue to attract the latest generation of Digital Natives.

Immersive Projection Experience for Museum

Four reasons why TimeLine is your premier technology partner

Designed to meet all needs

Whether it’s creating an immersive experience for your main attraction or adding interest with digital signage, TimeLine has the right interactive, projection, kinetic, control and automation, lighting and sound technologies, to match your budget and ambitions.

Immersive Projection Experience for Museum
Immersive Projection Experience for Museum

Best in Immersive experiences

Immersive experiences need to look as life-like as possible and TimeLine’s focus on the most intense and realistic experiences across its range of technologies, ensures audiences see exhibits as they were meant to be seen – without ever compromising on the reliability of the devices. Our solutions show the finest levels of detail for the most realistic and natural impressions.

Projection for every situation

Many of our most valued museums were never built with immersive experiences in mind. TimeLine has an incredibly wide range of specialist projection technologies to enable the best possible viewing experience in any size or shape of room, with low ceilings or high. Using these types of projectors, visitors are able to get up close to the content without ever casting a shadow – ensuring the technology never distracts from the immersive experience.

Projector for museums and exhibition

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