Marking a new era in energy-efficient signage with ePaper Displays

A groundbreaking advance in energy-efficient signage technology, the ePaper display consumes a remarkable zero watts when displaying content. Taking only minimal power draw when content changes, innovation in ePaper signage is making a significant step forward toward the carbon-neutral era.

Revolutionizing digital signage globally with e-paper technology

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Digital alternative to static signs and paper posters

Delivering unimpaired readability even in the brightest environments, ePaper displays present static digital images with a paperlike quality. With full colour capability enhanced by ACeP colour performance, excellent contrast, wide viewing angles, and fine resolution, content is perceived as a paper poster, appearing brighter in high ambient light conditions.

With no reflections, nor blue light, the ergonomic content presentation is easy on the eyes for unrivalled viewer comfort. Removes the requirements for print ads while saving the environment.


Static content that’s always on display

Where static content needs updating on a regular basis, ePaper provides a cost-effective solution for 24/7 display. Ideal for POS promotions, menu boards and allergen information in retail and hospitality settings, to timetables, wayfinding, check-in and gate information in transportation environments, ePaper is offering a low-cost sustainable signage solution.

Unlimited installation flexibility

Landscape, portrait, face up or face down. Super slim and ultra-light weight, the ePaper Display can be hung like a picture frame, placed on a table stand or installed on a mount using the standard VESA points on the back.

No need for a local power source, the ePaper Display offers incredible flexibility and can be positioned and repositioned almost anywhere. Versatile ePaper demands little in the way of installation and even less during operation.

ePaper Displays

Signage for the carbon neutral era

Consuming a remarkable zero watts when presenting content, ePaper technology represents a new era of signage, making a substantial step toward carbon neutrality.

A power source is needed only when content changes or new content is uploaded to the device, drawing only minimal energy via USB Type-C connectivity or an external battery. The frame is manufactured using recycled plastic material.

The ePaper technology is making a significant contribution to reducing energy consumption, minimising waste, and mitigating negative impacts on ecosystems.

Light and sleek design

The thin lightweigt design allows for easy and flexible installation either by hanging clips or via the VESA mount (100 × 100 13″ ePaper / 200 × 200 25″ ePaper).

ePaper Display

Explore a solutions for your business

As a digital alternative to paper posters, the ePaper displays are ideal for applications requiring static content with regular updates such as POS promotions, menu boards, allergen information in retail and hospitality environments, timetables, or check-in and gate information in transportation environments.

Bring clarity to your workplace

Help people easily find the spot they’re looking for. Display company information, wayfinding details, seating arrangement, and other custom content on ePosters.

Wayfinding digital screen

Improve the company information flow

Provide your visitors and employees with all the information they need to feel welcome and safe at your premises. Display office wayfinding and other information in lobbies, common areas and large meeting rooms.

Room schedule screen

Always book or find the right room

Display meeting room information on ePoster screens you already have and always see where someone is sitting, which meeting room is free, which is occupied, which meeting is in progress, and when the room you want is available for booking.

e-paper screen for office

Meeting room management has never had this much power

Reserve the most suitable place, enjoy work, and move projects forward. Secure your spot in an ever-changing workplace environment.


Revolutionizing the Museum and Library Experience

Museums and libraries stand as testaments that our world advances, changes, grows, and innovates. As the world pushes toward sustainable practices, e-paper displays are not only a cost-friendly choice but also a progressive solution to indoor signage that’s versatile and transforms the way we engage with information and culture.

e-paper screen for museum
eposter signage in store

Elevate Your Retail Signage Experience

With the world pushing for sustainable solutions, and businesses looking for cost-effective options with a great ROI, e-paper displays win in both categories. The devices showcase innovation, a timeless sense of class, and customized branding. Plus, it only takes one person behind a computer to update all the devices across all store locations.

Elevating educational spaces

Presenting academic schedules, floor plans, and interactive info boards for students and faculty is crucial. Achieving this elegantly and seamlessly, complementing the building’s aesthetics, is where the real challenge lies and can be solved with ePosters.

E-paper Screen schedule

Navigating healthcare facilities

Visits to different health facilities are not an experience most of us look forward to. But a little digital signage help can go a long way towards making hospitals more visitor-friendly, not to mention efficient.

ePoster Digital Signage in Hospital
ePoster Digital Signage in Hospital
ePoster Digital Signage in Hospital

ePoster creates smarter manufacturing facilities

Modern manufacturing facilities face a number of challenges. They need to maximize efficiency while sustaining quality and ensuring they don’t make mistakes. They want to minimize costs while maintaining a high level of safety. To achieve this they strive to improve communication across all levels of the factory which can be especially tough in complex manufacturing plants. The e-paper technology and ePosters can help manufacturing facilities address all of these challenges and streamline their operations.

Digital Menu Boards

Replace your paper menus with an electronic poster and update your offerings in real time. Wireless, energy-efficient, and battery-powered with smooth readability for a fantastic user experience.


Smart City Solutions

Due to its low-powered structure, ePaper solutions are ideal for public transport signage – they can be powered with the help of solar cells and they update in real-time. This uniqueness gives them the edge over standard LCDs or paper. With colored ink, the signage’s application gets expanded even further, from showing timetables and displaying colored maps to color-coding different rail routes.

eposter for transport
eposter for transport

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