LED scoreboards and ribbon displays for stadiums

Improving Fan Engagement With Digital Signage for Stadiums and Arenas

We bring the highest level of fan experience to your arena. Custom-designed, lightweight, easily serviceable LED and LCD indoor and outdoor displays powered by SpinetiX Media Platform – the world-leading multimedia control software. It is enhanced by a wide scale of products creating a complete technological ecosystem.

Improving Fan Engagement With Digital Signage for Stadiums and Arenas

Fans seek next-level live experiences and sports facilities must focus on creating a modern, immersive venue. Timeline’s State-of-the art create memorable experiences for fans in packed stadiums and arenas around the world. From parking lot through to the playing field, visitors will enjoy incredibly vivid visuals that bring any game to life like never before.

Sport Display Solution

Uplevel the spectacle for every fan with brilliant, immersive displays

Maximize fan experience

Sports display solutions should ensure every visitor feels a part of the game like never before by offering an optimum view from anywhere that means spectators never miss a minute of the action.

Increase revenue

Dynamic displays create a great customer experience throughout any sports facility, while also maximizing the opportunity to influence purchasing decisions and ultimately increase revenue.

improve operational efficiency

Efficient and effective operation is critical. A control center equipped with multiple monitors should help to increase efficiency, plus provide 24/7 support to resolve issues before they impact customers.

What TimeLine offers

TimeLines’s end-to-end sports solutions that make an impressive statement, command attention from visitors throughout any facility and create a unique experience through state-of-the-art technology. From large displays through to intelligent software, TimeLine gives users the capability to provide interactive information, special offers and facility information, supported by operational efficiency and analytical insights.

LED scoreboards and ribbon displays for stadiums

Game Field

Large-scale, brilliant LED scoreboards and ribbon displays build the atmosphere, immersing viewers in the moment with larger-than-life visuals while offering the clubs new opportunities to generate advertising income.

Outdoor displays for stadiums


Vibrant outdoor signage welcomes every visitor to the facility, entertaining and informing with dynamic content and promotions.

Menu Boards for stadiums snack bar

Outside Snack bar

TimeLine’s outdoor signage delivers clear and bright digital menu content to attract and engage customers, regardless of weather conditions.

Menu Boards for stadiums snack bar

Inside Restaurant

Self-ordering kiosks enhance every customer’s convenience with the intuitive all-in-one payment and ordering system.

Displays for Gift Shops

Gift Shop

Ultra HD displays in stadium gift shops provide eye-catching promotional content to attract fans and increase in-store visits.

Wayfinding Systems


Intuitive touch screen displays help visitors orient themselves in the stadium, find what they are looking for, and plan their route.

Big displays for lounge zones


The Video Walls and big displays satisfy VIP guests who are looking for an elevated experience with unrivaled picture quality.

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